You have come to the United States to study- full of hope and promise- but discovered that the school, the accommodations, or the setting were not quite what you had expected. Don’t feel bad. This happens to many students. There are many reasons why a university or high school student may wish to transfer to another school.

  • Academic- the student is struggling at the current school, as it does not offer the support services that are needed for the student to be successful. Perhaps the school is even cancelling the I20 and the student may have to return to the home country. All you need is:
    • A school that offers an English language or a tutoring Pathway program That will help the student academically until he or she can adjust to the language or culture.
    • A school that understand the challenges and obstacles international students face.
  • There are too many international students from your home language or culture.
    • The student is not getting the American experience, making any American friends, and his or her English language skills are not advancing.
  • The student wants to move to the American heartland where it is safer and more like the real United States.
    • The student wants a school with a higher university ranking or better Niche score for high schools.
    • A better university ranking will improve your chances of getting a better job.
    • A better high school will increase chances of getting into a better university.
  • Accommodations are not what you want.
    • You are in a boarding school but want to find a home stay family for a
    • Better cultural experience, to improve your English, or to find a more accepting family style environment.
    • Your relationship with your current home stay family is not working.
    • You are in a home stay but want a boarding school to prepare for university life.
  • The weather is not something you can get used to.
    • Either too hot or too cold.
    • You want to experience all four seasons.
  • Family in the United States.
    • You want a school closer to your relatives.
    • You want to move in with your relatives.
  • Scholarship or finances.
    • You want a less expensive school.
    • You are looking for a scholarship

If you are looking to transfer to another university or high school for any of these reasons, American Education Pathways can help. Our staff has over 30 years’ experience helping international students find the right American study abroad situation.

Just contact us at the following e-mail link. We have counselors that speak Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, or English to help guide you through the process.

For university students– click on university link to find what schools are available.

For high school students– click on the high school link to find out what schools are available.

Call today to find the right American experience for you.

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